Treen is a collaboration between three young musicians strengthening the bridges from the danish music environment to both Lithuenia, Germany and Norway.

Jan Philipp (drums), Gintė Preisaitė (piano) and Amalie Dahl (alto sax) met in Copenhagen during the fall 2023. Each member of the trio brings a distinct musical perspective, creating a captivating and unique exploration of acoustic free improvisation. Philipp’s percussive textures weaving together with Preisate’s and Dahl’s prepared instruments shaping  the music that comes out of a warm and playful state of mind. Here the trio acts as one forward moving unity,responding to the impulses and the energy of the moment and evolving drony atmospheres that could go on forever.

January 1st 2024 they released a small album, Baob_, listen here!

“(…) The way the trio moves together, gradually building density and intensity, indicates some sharp listening skills and a unified vision. (…) I don’t know how long the group has been working together, but there’s some much focus and richness in the music already that I’m eager to hear how it will grow.”

– Peter Margasak, January 29th 2024, Nowhere street

Photo: Ferdinand Schwarz

(…) Treen succeeded in its short time of work to establish a strong sonic identity and in the short Baob_ it sounds like one sonic entity, responding to the moment’s impulses with imagination, playfulness, risk-taking and energy, but also surrendering to evolving drone atmospheres that can go on forever.(…)”

– Eyal Hareuveni, January 11th 2024, Salt Peanuts