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Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Uncompromising, energetic and shameless. SUPERSPREDER takes inspiration from hip hop, electronica and jazz. The band originates from the jazz conservatory Jazzlinja in Trondheim, Norway, with members from all around Scandinavia. Hypnotizing grooves with lyrics containing a large palette of moods, bringing an irresistible and contagious force up on stage.

Miriam Namtero Kibakaya – vocals
Mona Krogstad – tenor saxophone
Amalie Dahl – alto- and baritone saxophone
Guro Kvåle – trombone
Oliver Skou-Due – keys
Oda Kristine Steinkopf – bas
August Glännestrand – drums

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & (Musical) improvisation and etics

(Musical) Improvisation and Etics

Noize R Us

The music of Noize R Us is like walking into a giant toy store, consisting of noise and free improvised music. Immediately as you enter, it can perhaps seem massive and overwhelming, but if you let your curiosity take over and go searching for the things you didn’t know you wanted, you end up with a journey of sound discovery, regardless of whether you eventually find what you were looking for, or not.

The music is reminiscent of bands such as Supersilent, SKRIM, Fire! Orchestra, Møster, Arne Nordheim and MoE & Mette Rasmussen, with a mixture of the electric in the guitars, the noise from the no-input mixer and the acoustic in the saxophone and drums. In terms of genre, the music is fluid, but with references to noise music, free jazz, rock and doom metal.

Amalie Dahl – alto saxophone and electronics
Nicolas Leirtrø – baritone guitar and electronics
Emil Storløkken Åse – guitar and electronics
Trym Karlsen – drums and electronics

The album Noize for toys is out on Kråkeslottet Platekompagni April 14th!